Our Story So Far


Canon Garth, operating since the late 1970s, has established itself as an important supplier of quality groundnuts and groundnut products to international snack, confectionery, peanut butter, food ingredients and edible oils industries.

From Africa to Central America:

Initially very focused on Southern African origins (exporting groundnuts from Zimbabwe and Malawi to the UK in the 1980s and 90s), Canon Garth expanded into Central America through the development of a new partnership in the early 1990s with a group of farmers in Chinandega, Nicaragua, that would later form Comasa.

Comasa’s extraordinary success in Nicaragua significantly strengthened our position as a reliable supplier of high quality peanuts to global peanut markets; and facilitated expansion to other origins in Latin America.

From Central to South America:

In 2006, Canon Garth expanded into Brazil by establishing a shelling and blanching operation in Sao Paulo State…. We initiated exports from Brazil in 2008; and have expanded exports significantly over that period. We are now working with a small number of selected high quality suppliers, providing technical and finance services; and supplying their peanuts to the market.

And from South America back to Africa:

In 2012, Canon Garth took the first steps to further long term expansion by initiating projects to develop new supply chains in Southern Africa. Canon Garth targeted Zambia and Malawi as priority countries due to significant and untapped potential of both commercial and small scale farmers to produce high quality peanuts for our customers in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

We have established small scale inclusive supply chains in both Zambia and Malawi, and have expanded our Malawi operations to Tete Province, Mozambique too. We are achieving exciting results while enhancing incomes, improving livelihoods and enhancing food security in small scale farming communities through our impact and extension work. Find out more about our impact in Impact & Sustainability.

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